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Vertical Aluminum Briquette Machine, Y83L Series

    1. Scrap Aluminum Chip Briquetting Press, Y83L-2500

      This briquetting press is especially for loose materials like aluminum chips, turnings, shavings and filings. It compress aluminum scrap into dense briquette and separate any fluids used in the metal working process from the scrap metal.

    1. Aluminum Shavings Briquetting Press, Y83L-5000

      This briquette machine can compress aluminum scrap into cylindrical or square briquettes, it can also squeeze value from aluminum waste. The expensive processing fluids squeezed out during the process allows manufacturers to reuse or recycle.

The Y83L vertical aluminum briquetting press is used specifically for aluminum chips, shavings, scraps, sheets, powder, grans, dust, aluminum debris, alloy and other light thin metal scrap. The briquette density can be 2.3t/m3.
1) With the use of a pre-pressing system, the output is significantly improved.
2) The cutting fluid can be squeezed out and recycled.

Shengbo is vertical aluminum briquette machine manufacturer, metal briquetting machine may called as metal chip briquetting press or scrap metal chip briquetter. Our company has ability to design and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic machines to use in the steelmaking, metal casting, machine parts manufacturing, firefighting, textile and waste recycling fields. With experience to make custom designed machines according to specific needs for nearly ten factories, our company makes energy eff