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Horizontal Aluminum Briquette Machine

  •  Horizontal Aluminum Briquette Machine, YS Series
  •  Horizontal Aluminum Briquette Machine, YS Series

Horizontal briquette machine, also called as metal briquetting machine or briquetting press.

The horizontal waste aluminum chippings briquetting press machine is used for aluminum recycling, and is especially suited to large manufacturers and recycling centers. With an integrated feeding system and briquetting system, it is divided into the following structure:
1) dual mode discharge structure, capacity 1.8t/h.
2) screw discharging structure, 5.5 briquettes per minute.
3) fully closed structure for safety operation.

Technical parameters

Model YS15-30-100 YS16-37-180 YS17-45-200 YS15-67-323
Nominal force (kn) 1500 1500 2100 3150
Briquette diameter (mm) Φ100 Φ110 Φ120 Φ180
Briquette density (t/m3) ≥1.8 ≥2 ≥2 ≥2
Briquette weight (kg) 1.5~1.9 1.7~2.0 1.8~2.1 5.5~7
Productivity (block/min) 4 5 5 5
Output in one shift (t/8h) 2.8~3.6 4~5 4~6 12.8~16
Total power (kw) 30 37 45 30+37
Machine weight (t) 6 8 9 19
Dimension (mm) 1950*2500*2540 3500*2000*3200 4500*2150*3500 4500*3000*4000

Machine structure


Machine details


Nude packing, attached using a steel wire rope during delivery.

1) Engineers are available for international customers.
2) One year guarantee and lifelong maintenance.

Shengbo is horizontal aluminum briquette machine manufacturer, metal briquetting machine may called as metal chip briquetting press or scrap metal chip briquetter. Our company has ability to design and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic machines to use in the steelmaking, metal casting, machine parts manufacturing, firefighting, textile and waste recycling fields. With experience to make custom designed machines according to specific needs for nearly ten factories, our company makes energy

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